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Transform Bedtime Into a
Magical Journey


Every Child is a Hero

With WonderTale, every child becomes the hero of their own magical story, turning imagination into an adventure at every swipe.

Turn you memories to a story

Cherished family memories

Experience the magic of AI storytelling. Transform your family vacation into a memorable story that your kids will cherish forever.


Quizzes and Games

Every story on WonderTale is accompanied by instructional activities aimed at enhancing your child's abilities in areas like Memory, Matching, Vocabulary, Attention, and Problem-Solving.

Tailored Adventures

Stories are crafted to fit your child’s imagination, offering a unique journey into storytelling.
All from your mobile phone.

Heroic Avatars

With our avatar editor, design a character in your child’s likeness that stars in beautifully illustrated adventures.

Soundscapes and Narratives

Each story is accompanied by adjustable narrations and musical backgrounds, enriching the reading experience.

Create your Perfect Tale

Get the best of AI storytelling. All in one app.  

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use WonderTale for free?

Yes! WonderTale allows you to create 3 free stories with full access to the WonderTale library with thousands of Tales!

What's included in the monthly subscription?

WonderTale plus offers everything in the free version plus:
- Continuation of Tales! (More chapters of your favourite Tale)
- Puzzles and games based on your Tale!
- Saving your Tale to your private library!
- Saving your Tale hero!
- The ability to create up to five stories everyday!

Do I have to commit for any period of time?

WonderTale offers to options for WonderTale plus. Monthly Payments allow you to cancel at anytime. The yearly option is an annual commitment however, you're able to cancel rebilling at anytime.

Can I keep the stories I create?

Yes you can! All of the stories created and put into the WonderTale public library. With WonderTale plus you can even save your Tales to your own private library!

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